Ingenieurbüro für Bauwesen - Norbert Friedrich Living- and Businesshouse
Low-energy residential-and office building

This building was designed to provide private apartments and commercial offices in a solid construction style with controlled heat recovery.
A photovoltaic system is located on the housetop. It provides for an electrical output of 5 kWp. In addition to this a solar thermal system for the hot water supply is mounted on the housetop, too.
The building will be heated by a heat pump; a rainwater utilization system provides the garden and the toilet with water.

Our low power consumption building was presented in:

  • the "VDI-Nachrichten" issue 52/1999
  • "Presse-Aktuell" of the "Ziegelforum" issue 12/1999
  • the "HEAG-Journal" issue 4/1999


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